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Crepe Myrtle I

Cost: $2,304

Square Footage: 2,304 sf

Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 3 BR/3 BA

Overall Dimensions: 32'W x 56'D

First Floor Ceiling Height: 10'-0"

Second Floor Ceiling Height: 10'-0"

Garage: Detached

Special Features: Large Master Suite, wrap-around porch, optional home office

Elevation Style 1 Set

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Elevation Style 2 Set

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Interiors Package

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CREPE MYRTLE FF Plan copy.jpg
CREPE MYRTLE SF Plan copy.jpg

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

CREPE MYRTLE front elev copy.jpg

Front Elevation- Style 1

CREPE MYRTLE front elev modern copy.jpg

Front Elevation- Style 2

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